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Cherry Hill, NJ: How to Ensure Your Air Conditioning Is Functional This Summer

If you haven’t yet checked that your air conditioning in Cherry Hill, NJ is functioning properly, then you’re best advised to do so as soon as possible. New Jersey summers can be brutally hot and humid, and as a property owner, you want everybody in your home or business to be healthy and comfortable.

The Benefits of a Properly Functioning AC

A properly functioning AC has a number of benefits:

  • It keeps the space at a comfortable temperature.
  • It makes sure electronic devices (such as computers and servers in a commercial computer room) don’t overheat and get damaged.
  • It removes dust, pollen and other particles from the air, ensuring a healthy environment for residents or employees.
  • It keeps your energy bills manageable.

Ensuring Your AC Works Properly

However, it’s not always clear that an air conditioning isn’t working properly. A dirty filter, worn fan belt or loose sensors can all be the cause of lower functioning, which means that the AC will still work – just not as effectively. As a result, the air quality suffers, the room temperature isn’t controlled as effectively and your energy bills will slowly increase.

Preventing this from happening is relatively simple:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning the filter. Some appliances have disposable filters that need to be replaced regularly; others have reusable filters that need to be cleaned, then reinstalled. Making sure the filter is clean goes a long way to keeping your AC functioning properly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance appointments with your HVAC technician. This is the single most effective way to keep your AC in good working order. Regular tune-ups will allow your HVAC technician to pinpoint any minor issues before they become major problems. The appliance’s parts will be cleaned and maintained, and where necessary, repaired or replaced. This greatly enhances the likelihood that you’ll get a full 10 years of use out of your appliance.

Don’t wait until the summer’s temperatures soar. Call your trusted HVAC specialist at Raynor today to schedule a maintenance appointment for your AC!