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Ceiling Fans Can Reduce the Risk of SIDS!

Ceiling fans can come in handy at all times of the year, whether it be for keeping your home cool during the summer or, if turned clockwise, trap heat to provide warmth in all the rooms in your home. They also serve as an incredibly cost-effective alternative to your average cooling and heating system. However, according to recent reports, ceiling fans are also beneficial in an entirely different capacity—by reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is unbelievably tragic, and currently makes up for 45% of infant deaths in the United States alone. Common risk factors of SIDS include exposure to cigarette smoke and being premature or having a low birth weight. While doctors have struggled to explain exactly why SIDS occurs, it seem ceiling fans can reduce the risk of SIDS by an amazing 72%. Infants who sleep in a room on a firm mattress with proper ventilation are much less at risk for SIDS and avoid the risk of becoming overheated. The ceiling fan is saving lives by delivering better air flow and keeping infants comfortable during rest.

Why Should You Get a Ceiling Fan?

If you’re living in a home with an infant ranging in age from one month to one year, installing a ceiling fan is a must. Of course, the folks at Raynor Electric understand their safety is always your top priority, so here’s why you should give us a call for installation now:

  • Safe Installation: There are plenty of ceiling fans out there for you to choose from but no matter the type, our team of experts will always provide the safest and most effective ceiling fan installation in the area. You’ll have a ceiling fan that won’t call it quits and delivers high-quality airflow year-round beyond required codes.
  • Fast, Quiet Operation: When your child goes to bed, they should be able to rest without disruption. Thankfully, the folks at Raynor Electric can provide you with a high-quality ceiling fan that operates quietly while your child is sleeping. They’ll be well-rested while kept safe due to proper ventilation and, as you probably know, a happy infant means a happy parent!
  • Top-Notch Professional Service: Ceiling fan installation requires the work of a real professional, and you can’t go wrong with the professionals at Raynor Electric. Since ceiling fan installation requires hard wiring to an electrical system, it’s important to call a professional at Raynor who can do the job. Our professionals are licensed, warranty their work, and ensure you are 100% satisfied!

Contact Raynor Electric to learn more how you can protect your infant thanks to a ceiling fan!