Furnace Part Replacement in Tabernacle, New Jersey

Your furnace is a complicated system with a number of important moving parts.  What are the components of a working furnace?  Last week, our technicians were called out on a trip to Tabernacle, New Jersey, where a home owner needed them to answer exactly that question.

With a gas-powered forced-air furnace unit, the heating method is fairly simple.  A pilot flame heats the air in the furnace to the desired temperature, which is then pushed through the ventilation in the home into every room.  Though it’s a simple process, a number of pieces need to work together to make it happen.  Here’s a description of each of those pieces: the Raynor Electric heating specialist know these pieces backwards and forwards, and we’d love for our clients to understand them as well!

  • Thermostat– controls the temperature pre-sets. This component tells the furnace what temperature the building needs to reach and alerts it when it is there.
  • Gas Pipe– sends in the natural gas, which is burned to create heat.
  • Pilot Flame– this heats the air. A pilot flame, or burner, should always be blue; if the flame is yellow, that means there’s an issue or contamination.
  • Heat Exchanger- transfers the heated gas to the air distribution system.
  • Ductwork– directs the heated air throughout the home
  • Flue– exhausts the byproducts of combustion. A faulty flue (or vent pipe) can result in poor air quality, which is why we always tell homeowners to call if there furnace creates an odor.

At this home in Tabernacle, we needed to install a thermostat and gas pipe for the homeowner in order to get the furnace working properly again.  Our fully-licensed technicians can usually solve any problem that your furnace has with efficiency or distribution by replacing, adjusting, cleaning, or otherwise fixing one of those six main components.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a furnace issue we can’t solve!  Call Raynor Electric for all of your furnace repair needs today.






Smoke Detector Replacement in Medford, NJ

The other day we were reminded once again of just how important it is to have your smoke and CO detectors checked, particularly in the winter.  Over 400 Americans die annually of carbon monoxide poisoning during the coldest months of the year, and over a third of fire-related deaths in the U.S. occur because the homeowner did not have a working smoke alarm.  When, a couple of weeks ago, we were called in on a replacement call for a home in Medford, it occurred to us just how disastrous the scenario could have been if it wasn’t caught in time.  For a single flat rate of replacement, this homeowner quite possibly saved their family’s life.

Here are some things all homeowners should know about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

  • There are two main types of smoke detector: ionized and photoelectric.  Experts say that ionized are better for catching quicker moving flames (i.e. kitchen fires) while photoelectric detectors more reliably detect smoldering furniture fires that fill a room with smoke.
  • You should check the battery on your smoke detectors every six months.  In fact, if you use battery operated detectors, go check them right now.  Then set a reminder in your phone or computer’s calendar for the next check.
  • If you own wired detectors like the homeowner in this scenario, you’re actually much better off.  A smoke detector that is attached to your home’s electrical system will work so long as your panel is reliable.  However, if you experience frequent power-outages, you should speak to a Raynor Electric expert about checking your panel; you may be better off with one of each type to be extra cautious.
  • Carbon monoxide deaths are most common in the winter, since issues with furnaces are a common root cause of CO emissions in a home.  In addition to having your carbon monoxide alarm checked or replaced if it is faulty, you can improve your home’s safety by calling Raynor Electric for a furnace maintenance check before the New Jersey winter sets in. Remember: manufacturers and safety experts alike suggest that you have your furnace tuned-up once a year!

We at Raynor Electric want to remind everyone that the statistics on fire and carbon monoxide damage and casualties are quite alarming and quite real.  This Medford homeowner did the right thing by calling us immediately once she noticed there was a problem: shouldn’t you do the same?  Perform the checks on your detectors, ask one of our experts about what detector system is best for your home, and call Raynor for a furnace maintenance check today!

Fan Replacement in Turnersville, NJ

When old technology breaks, it’s always a hassle…but it’s also an opportunity to consider new, improved, and more durable means of replacement.  At Raynor Electric, we try to look on the positive side of every breakdown as we make absolutely sure that it doesn’t happen to you again.

This past August, we received a call about a broken attic fan.  When our technician arrived at the site, he discovered that the broken fan was such an old-style model that most of the parts were out of production.  The not-working device had a motor that was too small for standard replacement.

Why is this so frequently the case?  The main reason is that, as energy efficiency standards increase nationwide, manufacturers and homeowners alike need to keep up.  It’s possible that the old motor was below appliance guidelines for energy efficiency, which would be why the new motor would be slightly larger.  Rather than continue producing obsolete, undesirable product parts for the occasional replacement, they simply change the sizing altogether.

So the homeowner was given two options:

  • Replace the blades and motor (if possible) with old parts
  • Install a complete attic fan for about 35% extra

What would you do?  A motor replacement would take a while, as the part would need to be ordered specially, if the technician could even find a vender.  When it inevitably fell apart again, the whole process would need to be repeated anyway!  At Raynor Electric, we feel the homeowner made the correct choice by simply having the replacement done.  Within a day, their fan was operation again and their attic was nice and cool.

Remember, being an SPP member will earn you rewards on this kind of work.  Call Raynor today for help with your old appliances and consultations on how to get new ones at affordable pricing.

Outdoor Light Installation in Tabernacle, NJ


We know that our customers love their pets, and so does Raynor Electric!  The homeowners we serve in New Jersey are dog people, cat people, and every sort of people in between.  That’s why when we received a call this past August about installing a dog pen light in Tabernacle, NJ, we were more than happy to help.  Our technician arrived at the scene, as always, ready to problem solve and come up with the best possible solution to our client’s need.

Installing Lights in Your Yard

The first thing you need to know about installing exterior lights is that you always need to run electrical current from your existing appliances, meaning that our experts will be connecting those lights ultimately to either a generator or your electrical panel.  Our professionals will need to consider:

  • The amperage necessary
  • Distance to each power source
  • Your budget as a homeowner
  • Concealing the wiring

Never attempt an installation on your own!  The Raynor Electric professionals are licensed and well-trained so that you always get the job done right.  Amateur electrical work is dangerous, and the results are never worth the small-time savings.  This homeowner made the right decision by calling us to come in, consider these factors, and do the installation correctly the first time.

For this particular case, we needed to replace an existing post light with a higher amperage LED spot light, so that meant we needed a circuit that could support new strain.  Our technician noticed that the circuit leading to the homeowners hot tub was already 50 amps, and leading that circuit to the dog pen would be the easiest solution.  So he replaced the existing circuit with one capable of supporting 70 amps and routed that to the dog pen for a successful installation.

Raynor Electric experts are always courteous, professional, and determined to get you the right electrical fix.  If you need an outdoor installation done, call us today!

Generator Installation in Mays Landing, NJ

After our client’s home lost power during major rain a month ago, she decided that enough was enough!  She made the right decision by calling the Raynor Electric technicians in to install a whole-house generator.  They chose the perfect time, too: with winter just around the corner, it’s critical to have a back-up system to keep your heat and security going in case of a power outage.  Our technicians arrived at the scene and promptly began examining the household situation.  Having done some diagnostic work, they offered the customer some options.

Why do the diagnostics?  What are they checking for?

The amp capacity (amperage) of any home is liable to be different.  Older homes that haven’t updated their service panels in a while might supply about 60 amps, whereas most modern homes have circuits that are capable of 100 or more.  The reason that newer homes are being built with increased amperage is fairly obvious: the average modern family uses more major appliances at higher energy efficiency rates than ever before, and the wiring system needs to be able to keep up!  Generac brand generators are no exception, as these are powerful devices and the energy expenditure needs to be carefully calculated .  That’s why our installation experts will always check your service panel and make sure that you find the right product for you before launching into a generator job.

In this particular case, the wiring of the client’s home gave them the following options:

  • Install Whole House 10kw Generator
  • Install Whole House 14kw Generator
  • Install Whole House 20kw Generator.

Depending on the spatial constraints and usage expectations, the customer was able to reach a decision.  Shouldn’t you consider having Raynor Electric install a generator today?  Call today for a consultation, or go back to the main page of our website and download our e-Book Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

AC Replacement in Hainesport, NJ

This past August, our technicians were called out to a home in Hainesport for a leaking AC.  Air conditioner leaks are generally pretty common in older models, but if the unit is too outdated a repair is generally just putting off the inevitable replacement.  So, while the repair itself is fairly simple, the HVAC experts at Raynor Electric typically will recommend an upgrade to a more modern, higher-efficiency unit to preempt further repair costs in the future.

When our technician arrived at the home, he found that the air conditioning unit was leaking onto the heater.  A brief diagnostics check confirmed that the drain pan was broken.  Why do drain pans break?  A cracked drain pan might be a sign that some sort of impact damage has be done to your unit, but more often it’s a sign that maintenance has not been regular enough or that the unit is in need of retirement.  Finding the proper size drain pan for an old model is tricky, since AC manufacturers have almost all upgraded to exclusively higher-efficiency models within the past few years.

So here were the options we gave the homeowner:

  • Replace only the 13 SEER coil
  • Install a new AC System with 14 SEER potential
  • Install a new AC System with Premium 17 SEER potential

Our customer made the right decision by deciding to upgrade rather than going with the quick fix.  The solution was to install a new 4 ton AC system, complete with a new line set, thermostat, condenser coil, and duct work.  The new AC system was up and running by the next day, and the replacement was a success. Call Raynor Services for your AC needs!