Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Generator

Power outages can happen at any time. There’s really no way to predict them, but they happen year round. Whether its during snow storms in the winter, or a hurricane force winds in the summer, losing power is always a possibility. Keeping the power on in your home is essential for protecting your appliances, belongings, and perishables. It’s also important for the safety of your family. 

Backup generators are a way to keep the power going – even during an outage. They switch on as soon as your electricity goes out, protecting everything inside of your home and restoring comfort and safety. Different generators have different capabilities and restrictions, so it’s important to do a little research before making such an investment. Here at Raynor, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Here are some things you should consider when selecting your new generator.

Things to Consider 

  • Power priorities. In the event of an outage, what do you want to keep on? Some generators can continue to power your entire home while others keep a few choice appliances running. Considering your power needs will help you choose the model that best suits your needs. 
  • Power source. Because they don’t run on electricity, you will need to determine which sort of fuel you will be using before you choose a generator. Backup models typically run on gasoline, propane, or natural gas, which provides unlimited power. 
  • Location and enclosure. Not only does your generator need to be set up near your home, it may require an enclosure for safety or noise control. Our trained professionals will be able to show you the best spot for your system. 
  • Voltage requirement. Voltage requirements have different phases. A Raynor technician will be able to provide you with this information if you aren’t sure. 
  • Maintenance. Like every other system working to keep your home safe, your backup generator will need routine maintenance to continue working properly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Raynor?

Here at Raynor, we offer a wide variety of Kohler home generators. Kohler provides sturdy and reliable generators that are at the head of the industry. If it’s time for you to purchase a new home generator, you can have peace of mind knowing that we only carry the best!

The last thing you want to do is shop for a home generator when the power goes out, as it’s a permanent and costly appliance to add to your home. A home generator gives your home the backup it needs whenever a major storm hits. If you’re ready to prepare your home, our team can help you select the right home generator to fit your needs. Don’t wait until the lights go out, call us today.





Ways You Can Benefit from a Generator This Spring

Power outages happen – and there’s really nothing we can do to prevent them. However, there are things that you can do in your own home to prevent them from disrupting your daily life. Spring time brings heavy rains and storms that can easily cause an outage. Here at Raynor Electric, we carry a wide range of Kohler brand generators that not only meet you and your homes specific power needs, but keep you safe in the event of an outage or emergency. When a storm hits, don’t you want your home to be prepared?

Benefits of Generators 

Making the decision to add a generator to your home is like adding extra insurance. There’s no telling when you will need it, but you will certainly benefit from it when it counts. There are different types available – some are equipped to power a few essential appliances while others can power your whole home. They kick on immediately when your power goes out – they work within seconds. No matter which type you think you need, it will only benefit you in the long run! Here are some advantages of having a whole home generator backing up your home. 

  • They keep you comfortable. When a storm hits, you will be able to continue watching TV or using your devices. You will have light and power, and your perishables will be protected as your refrigerator stays on. Can you imagine having all of your food spoil due to a prolonged outage? If you have a sump pump working in your basement, it will continue working with ease.
  • They protect your electronics. Power surges can be very harmful to your electronics and appliances. If the surge is severe enough, it can cause them to overheat and catch fire. As the power returns to your home after an outage, a generator will protect it. 
  • Construction and farming safety. If you are having work done to your home, a home generator will make it cheaper for you to run tools for projects. They are also very useful for emergency farm and gardening use – if you make a living this way you should have things protected. 
  • Most importantly, generators keep you safe. If you or your loved ones rely on electricity the way that most do, it shouldn’t take much thought to realize the safety benefits of a whole home generator. 

Why Choose Raynor Electric?

We offer a wide range of Kohler generators that can meet your specific needs. We only offer the best, most trustworthy technology because your safety is our main concern. From installation to maintenance plans down the road, we’ve got you covered. 

For any questions about Kohler generators, or to schedule your installation, call Raynor Electric today! 

Ways A Backup Home Generator Saves You Money

Are you tired of power outages but still on the fence about installing a backup home generator? That’s understandable since they don’t come cheap. However, there are two distinct benefits to installing a home generator. First, it ensures you have uninterrupted power because when the main grid fails, the backup generator immediately kicks in and supplies your home with electricity until the grid is up and running again. And second, a generator can save you a considerable amount of money. Here’s how:

  1. You don’t have to stay at a hotel. When a power outage lasts longer than a few hours, it often becomes necessary to stay at a hotel—especially during the warmest or coldest months of the year. In addition, using candles to light your home can be a fire hazard. With a backup generator, you can stay in your home for the duration of the power outage—without having to fork out $150 a night or more for a hotel, depending on the size of your household.
  2. You won’t run up any medical bills. During the summer and winter, you need your AC, heating, and an air filter in order to maintain a healthy indoor temperature, moisture level, and air quality. This is especially important for young children, old people, pregnant women, and people who are sick or suffer from respiratory conditions like bronchitis or asthma. Without electricity, none of these appliances work—potentially making you or your family sick and needing expensive medical attention. With a generator, you can ensure your home is a healthy, safe place at all times.
  3. You don’t have to replace all your perishable food. You can’t use the food in your fridge anymore if the power’s been out for more than four hours (less if the door has been opened). Food in a half-full freezer needs to be thrown out after 24 hours, and food in a full freezer has to be discarded after 48 hours. Replacing all of this can add up considerably; plus, you have to get takeout or go out to eat until you can use your fridge and electric stove again.
  4. You don’t have to deal with water damage. If you have a sump pump in your basement and the power goes out during a storm, the sump pump won’t work anymore. As a result, the water that would normally be pumped away from your home can back up, flood your basement, and cause considerable water damage that can run into the thousands. And there’s literally nothing you can do to prevent this. All you can do is try to remove the water manually to minimize the damage.
  5. Your home won’t be left unprotected against burglars. Without electricity, your home security system won’t work. This is why burglaries tend to spike during drawn-out power outages since they won’t set off any alarms or be recorded on security footage. Unless you have a backup generator, your home is a potential target. Even if you have homeowners insurance, you’ll still have to cover your deductible.

While installing a backup generator might seem like a big decision, once you consider the benefits of everything from keeping your security system on to ensuring the health and comfort of your family, it becomes a smart investment in your property and everyone who calls it home.

Call the experts at Raynor Electric to schedule your generator service today!

3 Types of Generators to Consider for Generator Installation in Medford, NJ

So you’re considering generator installation in Medford, NJ, huh? Well, before you dip your toes into that pond, you need to consider what type of generator would be best to install. For example, if you’re the owner of a major commercial property, purchasing some tiny portable generator isn’t going to be sufficient. On the opposite end, you certainly wouldn’t get away with installing a commercial generator in your home either.

Raynor Electric is here to lead you down the right path so you’re not stuck with a generator that can’t meet your electrical power needs. Our team of electricians have installed all sorts of generators across Medford, NJ and we’re ready to help any of our customers in ensuring they’re getting electrical power for their commercial or residential property. We have the latest, most modern generator models, including Generac and Kohler, to guarantee a high-level of performance for a longer period of time.

What Generator Should You Install?

Before you go ahead and install a generator, please take a look at these 3 main types of systems to ensure you are installing the one you need:

  1. Standby Generators: Standby generators are usually installed outdoors a few feet away from the home. They will kick on within 20 seconds after a power outage so you’re not spending another moment without power for your appliances. This means computers, televisions, radios, and more can keep running even when a thunder and lightning storm outside is threatening to cut your power for good.
  2. Portable Generators: Portable generators may also be installed on residential properties except unlike standbys, they can operate anywhere. They do not need to be hooked up to a gas line in order to work, but they must be turned on manually. Portable generators can come in handy during a multitude of situations including power outages, backyard barbeques, construction jobs, and more. While standby generators may cost you up to $5,000, portable generators run from $500 to $1,500. If you want a generator than fit right in with your budget, installing a portable generator is a can’t-miss opportunity.
  3. Commercial Generators: If you’re a business owner, you need to have a working generator installed to protect the well-being of your customers and employees. Depending on your commercial property, your success may be dependent on having a steady flow of electrical power from a commercial generator. They are usually much larger in size compared to standbys, mainly due to the amount of power they need to provide.

Contact Raynor Electric today for generator installation in Medford, NJ. We will find the right generator for you!

3 Reasons to Install a Portable Generator in Medford, NJ

Are you weighing the options on how to protect your home in the event of a complete power outage? Finding the best portable generator in Medford, NJ just got easier. The following insights will help you decide when to install a portable generator and how to select the best one for your home.

  1. Keep Necessary Electronics And Crucial Appliances Running
    Don’t lose use of your laptops, tablets and smartphones in a power outage. Don’t risk losing frozen and refrigerated foods. Is someone in your household dependent on medical equipment? Portable generators come in a variety of sizes and can power the critical areas of your home when they’re needed most.
  2. Give Your Family Valuable Peace of Mind
    A portable generator provides a backup power system your family can rely on. In the midst of a storm, flood or other natural disaster, your family deserves an affordable power source. By ensuring you have adequate fuel on hand and that your generator is ready to go on a moment’s notice, you can withstand any power outage.
  3. Provide Durable Convenience
    A portable generator is a sound investment in your home. Aside from keeping your home running smoothly and providing peace of mind for your family, a portable generator adds convenience when you must have it. Being able to rely on the flip of a switch of the pull of a starter cord is the ultimate in reliable convenience. Today’s portable generators are durable and more efficient than yesterday’s models.

Finding the right portable generator to fit your needs is easy with our expert help. Call Raynor Electric today and we’ll help pinpoint the perfect generator that you’ll be confident your family can rely on. We also provide expert feedback, product reviews and satisfied customer testimonials that will guide your decision on the perfect portable generator in Medford, NJ. Get the right size at the right price with the right output for you.

5 Common Types of Generator Repair in Medford

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in a backup generator for your home or business, then the last thing you want is for it to fail just when you need it most. But especially as your generator gets older, it’s prone to wear and tear. Fortunately, you can rely on Raynor Electric for top-notch generator repair in Medford.

Common Types of Generator Repair in Medford

There are a number of types of generator repair we frequently see, including:

  1. Broken fuel gauge. Fuel gauges are sensitive pieces of equipment, so they’re often one of the first things to get damaged. However, a malfunctioning fuel gauge means you have no way of knowing how much fuel is in the tank. And that can leave you stuck without power at an inopportune moment.
  2. The fuel bleeds back into the tank. Another common issue we see is that a fuel line is damaged in some way, and the fuel starts to bleed back into the tank.
  3. Oil leaks. Wear and tear, as well as exposure to the elements, can create breaks in the oil line. And when the oil starts to leak, it can result in underperformance.
  4. Coolant leaks. Also a problem caused by wear and tear, coolant leaks are a problem because if there’s not enough coolant, the generator will overheat.
  5. Failure to switch on. This can be caused by a number of things, including a broken motor and worn wires.

Call Raynor Electric for Generator Repair in Medford

If your generator needs repairs, it’s very important that you hire a qualified electrician. No matter how many DIY articles or videos you can find online, the truth is that you need a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise to safely work on a generator. Mistakes can be dangerous.

Instead of risking your safety to save a few bucks, make the smart choice and call Raynor Electric for generator repair in Medford. Our professionals are prompt and knowledgeable, and they’ll explain to you what type of repair your generator needs and what the costs will be. Plus, all of our services come with a warranty on labor and parts.

When you need the best generator repair in Medford, just call Raynor Electric. It’s that easy; so don’t delay!

What Should You Ask Before Generator Installation in Medford?

When you need generator installation in Medford, there is an urge to get it done quickly and install the nearest generator you can find. Understandably so, considering a generator is responsible for supplying your home’s appliances with nonstop electricity. But there is danger found in rushing. In your panic to install a generator as soon as possible, you may install a generator that doesn’t fit with your home, leaving you without a steady flow of power to your home’s appliances.

Though generator installation in Medford is an urgent matte, you need to carefully consider what type of generator would be better for your home so you’re not wasting a single moment without power. The team of electricians at Raynor Electric doesn’t want to see you make any costly mistakes, which is why we’re here to ensure you avoid the traps and ask all the right questions so you have a generator that keeps the power alive!

Questions to Ask Before Generator Installation

Asking yourself a few important questions before you make a purchase will lead you down the right path to landing the perfect generator. Consider the following before your next generator installation in Medford:

  1. How can I determine budget? Budget is everything when it comes to generator installation. You need to make note that the highest-priced generator may not necessarily be the one that guarantees the best performance for your home. The average generator can cost you upwards of $10,000 to purchase and install. Focus on the type of generator that can fit within your budget instead of going with the latest model on the market.
  2. What is the difference between portable and standby generators? Before you install a generator in your home, you must know the differences between standby and portable generators. Standby generators are permanently installed outside the home and turn on automatically when the power shuts off. Portable generators can move from location to location and need to be turned on manually. In addition, standby models needs to be hooked to a gas line compared to portable generator need to be fueled with gas every few hours.
  3. How can you determine sizing? Please note that sizing for generators doesn’t necessarily mean physical size, but rather the size of kilowatts. Standby generators often hover around 8 to 25 kilowatts. If you have a larger home with more appliances, your standby generator needs to be closer to the 25-kilowatt range.
  4. How much space do you need to install a generator? Please follow these safety rules: keep at least 3-feet away any window or combusted material and 10-feet away from any fuel source like a fuel tank. They should not be placed in garages, basements, or under porch decks. Having a working generator is great, but you need to make sure the safety of you and your family are secured.
  5. How can you find the right warranty? Make sure to consult with your electrician before generator installation about determining the right warranty that can adequately cover the costs of labor and production. Check the length of the warranty to see how long you’ll be covered and keep your distance from any installers who shy away from having this discussion.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you need generator installation in Medford, especially if you want to ensure a job well done!

Preventive Tips for Generator Maintenance in Medford

Winter’s not quite over yet, so in order to minimize inconvenience during power outages, you need to keep your standby generator in good working order. That means you need to pay attention to generator maintenance in Medford. If you don’t make sure your generator functions properly, it can have all sorts of negative consequences, ranging from failure to provide electricity to your home to even hazardous situations that place you and your family at risk.

Generator Maintenance in Medford: DIY Tips

For most homeowners, a generator is a considerable investment. And that’s not surprising, because it’s important to maintain electricity in your home when the power goes out. However, just like you maintain every other investment, you need to maintain your generator to keep it in good working order. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep the area around the generator clean. Sweep out leaves, branches, cobwebs, and any other debris surrounding the generator.
  • Watch out for rodents. Especially if the generator is in an enclosed space, make sure it’s free of rodents. If necessary, set out bait or get a pest control company to do it for you.
  • Check the oil level. Make sure the generator has been off for at least 10 minutes; then check the oil level. Fill up the oil as much as possible.
  • Check the coolant level. If necessary, fill it up.
  • Inspect the exterior. Be alert to any signs of damage such as loose or broken parts.

Call Raynor Electric for Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance in Medford

Of course, maintaining a generator can be intimidating if you’re not a trained electrician. That’s why we offer comprehensive generator maintenance services for our residential customers. All of our electricians are highly trained and experienced; and they have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of generators. They know how to perform general maintenance, including cleaning, filling up all liquids, tune-ups and the repair or replacement of broken parts. Plus, our trucks are always fully stocked, so you don’t have to wait days or weeks for the right part to be delivered. Find out for yourself how awesome it is to have an expert take care of your generator. Contact us today!

5 Common Signs You Need Generator Repair in Medford

It is the middle of winter and your generator busts . Oh no! While that’s definitely unfortunate, all hope is not lost. Raynor is here to provide generator repair in Medford that will get the power back up and running in no time! When the weather outside is frightful, and the frost bite is ready to nip at your fingers and toes, you need a generator that will provide nonstop power through the season. This means power for lights, computers, fridges, and more! Besides, can you imagine what the winter would be like withou any of these things?

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know when the time is right for generator repair in Medford, and will simply allow their system to go to waste. This means you may miss out on important work-related emails on the computer, a plot twist on your favorite television show, and leftovers from last night’s dinner will go without proper refrigeration. It can also be unsafe to traverse through your home without proper lighting. The folks at Raynor are here to help you identify the signs so you can call us for repair immediately!

When Should You Call Us?

Generator repair from our technicians will extend the lifespan of your generator by years! But when exactly do you need it? When in doubt, take a look at these 5 common signs for repair:

  1. Slow Startup Time: Your generator should start working within the first few moments of turning it on. However, it is alarming if it is taking any slower to get up and running. Anything longer than 5 to 10 minutes is means for concern.
  2. Fuel Leaks: Leaks are your generator’s way of protecting itself from overheating, but it is still a sign of repair, especially when your generator is leaking oil or coolant. Leaks can spring out from anywhere in the generator, and take note if puddles are forming around the unit. If leaks occur frequently, please call Raynor for help.
  3. Physical Damage: Noticing any cracks or dents? It can be means for concern when physical damage begins to hinder the overall performance of the generator. If damage is interrupting your generator’s performance completely, it may be time for replacement.
  4. Damaged Electrical Components: If you notice any wires, buttons, or any other electrical components are showing signs of wear and tear, it is a sign you need repair soon. Leaving electrical components unattended can be a safety hazard, leading to a higher risk of electrical fires or shock.
  5. Weekly Self-Test Alerts: Many modern generators are equipped with weekly self-test that will alert you if it comes across any problems. If your generator does not come equipped with this feature, run a weekly manual test and observe any faults in operation. If you see a problem that is concerning enough, call a professional immediately.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you’re noticing these 5 signs and we will give you the best generator repair in Medford!

3 Reasons to Invest in Generator Installation in Medford

Generator installation in Medford is the perfect gift for yourself this fall. The fall brings with it stronger winds and more rainstorms, but don’t allow it to wreak havoc on your home’s electrical power. When storms roll in, you may face a higher chance of power outages that will leave you without any lights or any usage of your appliances. When you don’t have power for your appliances, you may not be able to heat up food in the microwave, write up reports on your computer, and that scary movie marathon for Halloween may have to be put on hold when you don’t have power for your television!

If you’re looking to prevent such a possibility from occurring, then consider generator installation in Medford from Raynor Electric. Our team of electricians can work quickly to provide you with the latest generator model on the market so you’ll have nonstop power for all your lights and appliances. When you enlist Raynor Electric for generator installation in Medford, you can count on your home shining brightly even when those storm clouds are looming on the horizon.

Why Should Seek Generator Installation in Medford?

While there’s no doubt a particularly intense storm can cause extensive damage to your home, an emergency generator can play a huge role in keeping the power on even a storm threatens to shut it off. Here’s how generator installation in Medford can help you:

  1. Improved Safety: Emergency generator power won’t just keep you free from the threat of losing power. They’re also much safer than portable generators you can purchase at the local hardware store. Since emergency generators rely on natural or propane gas, they face less of a risk of emitting carbon monoxide and placing the health and safety of your family at risk!
  2. 24/7 Power: An emergency generator will kick on the instant it senses you’re losing power. This means you won’t have to worry about being stuck in the dark once a storm hits. You’ll also be able to use appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and toasters to cook food and keep it cold during a particularly intense storm.
  3. Improved Home Value: Homes in the Medford area with great safety features tend to be a more positive investment, especially if they’re equipped with a durable generator that can supply emergency power at a moment’s notice. Installing a generator in Medford is just what you need to send that home value skyrocketing.

Contact Raynor Electric today for generator installation in Medford. You can get the best, most durable power in your home if you call us now!