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What Should You Ask Before Generator Installation in Medford?

When you need generator installation in Medford, there is an urge to get it done quickly and install the nearest generator you can find. Understandably so, considering a generator is responsible for supplying your home’s appliances with nonstop electricity. But there is danger found in rushing. In your panic to install a generator as soon as possible, you may install a generator that doesn’t fit with your home, leaving you without a steady flow of power to your home’s appliances.

Though generator installation in Medford is an urgent matte, you need to carefully consider what type of generator would be better for your home so you’re not wasting a single moment without power. The team of electricians at Raynor Electric doesn’t want to see you make any costly mistakes, which is why we’re here to ensure you avoid the traps and ask all the right questions so you have a generator that keeps the power alive!

Questions to Ask Before Generator Installation

Asking yourself a few important questions before you make a purchase will lead you down the right path to landing the perfect generator. Consider the following before your next generator installation in Medford:

  1. How can I determine budget? Budget is everything when it comes to generator installation. You need to make note that the highest-priced generator may not necessarily be the one that guarantees the best performance for your home. The average generator can cost you upwards of $10,000 to purchase and install. Focus on the type of generator that can fit within your budget instead of going with the latest model on the market.
  2. What is the difference between portable and standby generators? Before you install a generator in your home, you must know the differences between standby and portable generators. Standby generators are permanently installed outside the home and turn on automatically when the power shuts off. Portable generators can move from location to location and need to be turned on manually. In addition, standby models needs to be hooked to a gas line compared to portable generator need to be fueled with gas every few hours.
  3. How can you determine sizing? Please note that sizing for generators doesn’t necessarily mean physical size, but rather the size of kilowatts. Standby generators often hover around 8 to 25 kilowatts. If you have a larger home with more appliances, your standby generator needs to be closer to the 25-kilowatt range.
  4. How much space do you need to install a generator? Please follow these safety rules: keep at least 3-feet away any window or combusted material and 10-feet away from any fuel source like a fuel tank. They should not be placed in garages, basements, or under porch decks. Having a working generator is great, but you need to make sure the safety of you and your family are secured.
  5. How can you find the right warranty? Make sure to consult with your electrician before generator installation about determining the right warranty that can adequately cover the costs of labor and production. Check the length of the warranty to see how long you’ll be covered and keep your distance from any installers who shy away from having this discussion.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you need generator installation in Medford, especially if you want to ensure a job well done!