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Ask a Southern New Jersey Heating Expert: All About Furnace Filters

When you turn your thermostat on, an electrical signal travels through your home wiring eventually arriving at your furnace. Then a valve switch begins the combustion process. Once the furnace is heated up, another component activates the blower fan, which circulates warm air into the living areas of your home. And while all this is happening your furnace filter is quietly working behind the scenes to make sure the whole heating process goes smoothly.

Smart Southern New Jersey homeowners usually have a Raynor Services heating expert conduct inspections and adjustments to their furnaces. But that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing homeowners can do for themselves in the way of furnace maintenance. Installing fresh furnace air filters on a regularly is a very good idea and could save you a repair call in the future.

For safety’s sake, always switch off the furnace’s fuel supply and power source before doing anything to the furnace. Locate the fuel supply and know how to turn it off beforehand. Also, turn off the electrical switch that controls the power supply to the furnace. After you have finished, don’t forget to turn the fuel line and electricity back on.

The best place to start on your furnace is always with the filter. A dirty filter will force your furnace to work overtime, causing excessive strain, increased heating costs and a significant reduction of the lifespan of your unit. Be sure that your furnace filter has a cover over the slot, thus ensuring an efficient return-air system. Not having a proper cover in place poses a safety risk to your home and its occupants. Here are some general guidelines for furnace maintenance and filters:

  • Examine inexpensive fiberglass filters once a month during the heating and cooling seasons.
  • Pleated filters can last up to three months.
  • Wash and rinse permanent filters monthly.
  • Clean electronic air-cleaner filters every other month.

How’s your furnace filter holding up? Check on it and if you don’t like what you see give the heating professionals at Raynor Services a call!