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Ask a Medford Electrician: Is Your Electric Panel Safe for the Fall?

Fall in Medford is just as stormy as it is beautiful, so don’t hesitate to call a Medford electrician to ensure your electric panel is good and ready to go. The fall seasons often sees a higher chance of wind and rain. Depending on the severity of the storm, your electricity can be knocked out and leave your appliances without any power. Also, no matter the season, the electricity in your home may become overwhelmed, leading to power surges that knock out power when you need to rely on it the most. While your electric panel should come prevent surges from happening, it needs to upgraded and maintained if you want it to survive the season.

Raynor Electric offers a Medford electrician who can work with you in determining whether your electric panel is safe enough. While we offer a wide variety of services, we first and foremost want Medford residents to be safe. If you think you’re experiencing problems with your electric panel, call us and we’ll settle it for you even before the leaves change color this season.

When Should You Call Our Medford Electrician?

If you want your electric panel is in the highest working order, then please take note of the following indicators telling you your electric panel simply isn’t hacking it:

  • Do You Own a Federal Pacific Electric Panel? Homes built between the 1950s and 1980s were equipped with an electric panel from the Federal Pacific Electric Company, one of the most popular electric services at the time. However, these panels are now considered to be fire hazards. In fact, a class action lawsuit was filed by the state of New Jersey against Federal Pacific for knowingly installing faulty panels. If your home is still equipped with this panel, please call Raynor Electric and we’ll replace it.
  • Are You Experiencing Panel Failure? Signs of panel failure visible corrosion, flickering lights, frequent power surges, and strange noises. If any of these problems are starting to become more and more common, it’s time to get an upgrade in your electric panel so you can have electricity at all times during the fall season.
  • Do You Have Enough Power for Appliances? You need electricity for your washing machine, dish washer, hot tubs, furnaces, boilers, and so much more. All of these appliances are essential to life in your home but if they don’t have enough power due to a faulty panel, it’s time to call for an upgrade.

Contact Raynor Electric today and we’ll send a Medford electrician to your home to ensure better quality electricity!