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Ask a Berlin Electrician: All About Service Panel Upgrades

Why should I upgrade from a fuse panel to a breaker panel system?

It’s pretty simple—fuses are old and outdated technology. How old? Well, the original patent for the fuse panel was taken out by none other than Thomas Edison in the year 1885! And even though fuse panel technology has been supplemented and patched up with modern advance in electricity in recent years, by law they haven’t been used in new construction since the 1960s. Fuse panels were a viable technology back in an era when the only household devices that used electricity were small appliances like lights, lamps, radios and maybe a television. The homes of today ask a whole lot more of their electrical systems. Think about it—should a technology that predates the moon landing really be carrying the electrical load demanded by your 60’’ plasma screen?

When should I replace my fuse box with a circuit breaker box?

As soon as possible. Depending on your insurance policy and the current condition of the wiring in your home, Raynor Services can speedily and affordably upgrade your old fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel. In some older houses, fuse boxes and old wiring often coexist,. Despite this fact, panel upgrades and electrical rewiring are two are distinctly separate jobs. For example, a circuit breaker panel can often seamlessly replace an old fuse panel with little or no need to remove or replace sections of your walls. On the other hand, if your home wiring is dangerously deteriorated, a rewiring project will virtually guarantee that you will need to have some holes drilled into your walls. Although we are equipped to work on these two projects simultaneously, it is also possible to complete them in stages to make the costs more manageable.

Raynor Services is your local Berlin electrical service panel upgrade experts. Call us today to learn how we can make your home a brighter, safer, more efficient place!