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Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Cherry Hill

Copper Wiring a Safer Alternative to Aluminum Wiring

When it comes to keeping your Cherry Hill home safe from fires and other electrical hazards, you may want to look twice at the age your home was built. Wondering what this has to do with fire and electric safety? Simple: a national survey conducted by the Franklin Research Institute for CPSC showed that homes built before 1972, and wired with aluminum, are 55 times more likely to suffer from fire hazard conditions than homes wired with copper.

Thanks to a copper shortage in the 1960s, many homes built before the early 70s had to be wired with aluminum; however, multiple fire hazard investigations conducted by the CPSC showed that aluminum wiring heats up much more easily than copper wiring. Add to this the amount of electricity required by major appliances (including dishwashers, furnaces, etc.), and it’s no wonder that the CPSC is recommending that these homes switch from aluminum wiring to copper wiring ASAP.

If your home was built in the prime aluminum wiring phase of the 1960s, it’s important to keep your eye out for the following trouble signs.

 When to Replace Aluminum Wiring

  • Look at the printed or embossed wiring on the outer jacket of the electric cables. You’ll find visible cables in your basement, the garage, or in your utility closet. Take a close look at the exposed cables to see if you can find the words “Al” or “Aluminum” printed on any of the cables. If you can’t see this marking despite having a home built during the prime of aluminum wiring, contact Raynor Services for a home inspection. Our qualified electricians can help you determine if you have aluminum wiring.
  • More obvious signs of aluminum wiring in your home is if your electrical wiring “overheats” often.  If you suddenly lose power without warning or sometimes detect a burning smell, it’s important to call on a qualified electrician – like Raynor Electric! – right away.

Raynor Services is located in Southern New Jersey. Our professionals pride themselves on making the switch from aluminum wiring to copper wiring.  For more information on transitioning from aluminum to copper wiring, contact Raynor Services today!