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5 Common Signs You Need Generator Repair in Medford

It is the middle of winter and your generator busts . Oh no! While that’s definitely unfortunate, all hope is not lost. Raynor is here to provide generator repair in Medford that will get the power back up and running in no time! When the weather outside is frightful, and the frost bite is ready to nip at your fingers and toes, you need a generator that will provide nonstop power through the season. This means power for lights, computers, fridges, and more! Besides, can you imagine what the winter would be like withou any of these things?

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know when the time is right for generator repair in Medford, and will simply allow their system to go to waste. This means you may miss out on important work-related emails on the computer, a plot twist on your favorite television show, and leftovers from last night’s dinner will go without proper refrigeration. It can also be unsafe to traverse through your home without proper lighting. The folks at Raynor are here to help you identify the signs so you can call us for repair immediately!

When Should You Call Us?

Generator repair from our technicians will extend the lifespan of your generator by years! But when exactly do you need it? When in doubt, take a look at these 5 common signs for repair:

  1. Slow Startup Time: Your generator should start working within the first few moments of turning it on. However, it is alarming if it is taking any slower to get up and running. Anything longer than 5 to 10 minutes is means for concern.
  2. Fuel Leaks: Leaks are your generator’s way of protecting itself from overheating, but it is still a sign of repair, especially when your generator is leaking oil or coolant. Leaks can spring out from anywhere in the generator, and take note if puddles are forming around the unit. If leaks occur frequently, please call Raynor for help.
  3. Physical Damage: Noticing any cracks or dents? It can be means for concern when physical damage begins to hinder the overall performance of the generator. If damage is interrupting your generator’s performance completely, it may be time for replacement.
  4. Damaged Electrical Components: If you notice any wires, buttons, or any other electrical components are showing signs of wear and tear, it is a sign you need repair soon. Leaving electrical components unattended can be a safety hazard, leading to a higher risk of electrical fires or shock.
  5. Weekly Self-Test Alerts: Many modern generators are equipped with weekly self-test that will alert you if it comes across any problems. If your generator does not come equipped with this feature, run a weekly manual test and observe any faults in operation. If you see a problem that is concerning enough, call a professional immediately.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you’re noticing these 5 signs and we will give you the best generator repair in Medford!