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3 Signs You Need AC Repair in Cherry Hill

Finally, summer is just around the corner! High temperatures and humidity will be here before you know it. It’s time to think about AC repair in Cherry Hill!

Do You Need AC Repair? 

The best way to keep your AC running smoothly this summer is by having it serviced before the heat arrives. However, a system breakdown can happen at any time. You should know the warning signs of a failing AC and contact your local professionals at Raynor Electric at the first sign of damage!

Frequently cycles on and off. If your AC is frequently cycling on and off it could mean that it is too large for your home. It is producing enough cool air in a very short amount of time. This is bad for the device and will drastically decrease its lifespan. Another reason for an AC unit to be cycling frequently is a loss of coolant. There could be a leak in the system. You should call a technician right away if this is happening to your unit!

Cycles warm air. If your unit is cycling warm air, chances are it needs a filter change. Dirty filters prevent cool air from flowing through the ductwork of your home. This is a very common repair and can be easily fixed. Another possible cause is a loss of coolant in the system. Again, there may be a leak in your device. You need to call a professional for assistance!

Won’t turn on. There are several reasons for an AC unit failing to operate. The first thing to check is the thermostat. It might be set to the wrong temperature. If not, the thermostat could be defective and you should call for assistance. Another possibility is that there isan insufficient power supply. Your unit could need a new fuse. The installation process of an AC unit is very complicated so it could also be that the unit was hooked up incorrectly.

Other signs of damage include: unusual noises coming from your device, dust particles and other debris found in your air, or noticeable leaks.

Don’t wait until your system fails completely to call for help! If any of these issues are happening to your AC unit, call the experts at Raynor Electric right now!