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3 Common Misconceptions about Solar Energy in Medford, NJ

Even in 2016, when talks of “going green” and energy-efficiency are prevalent as ever, some people still have this belief that solar energy is like this highly futuristic concept that isn’t really obtainable in reality. Of course, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Solar energy in Medford, NJ has been helping homeowners save so much more on their monthly utility bills. They serve as the perfect complement to your HVAC system, giving you the same level of heating and cooling without the threat of additional costs.

If you think solar energy is the best way to keep your home efficient, call Raynor Electric today. We can gladly supply you with solar energy through the use of panels of photovoltaic cells which can convert sunlight into useable energy for electricity. Our solar energy service is part of our mission to give you the most energy-efficient electricity possible. Besides, it’s one of the smartest investments you can make today, and we’re than happy to get you onboard with it!

What Myths about Solar Energy in Medford, NJ should be Debunked?

As we stated earlier, there are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy in Medford, NJ that need to be proven false. Whatever you do, make sure not to believe any of these 3 half-truths:

  1. “Solar energy can only work in sunny weather.” We may be starting to see more sunshine at this time of year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean this is the only time of year solar energy can work for you. The truth is that solar energy can still work rain or shine because UV rays can still filter through rain clouds. This allows solar panels to continue to produce UV-powered energy even when the weather is anything but sunshine and blue sky.
  2. “Solar energy is too expensive.” While installing solar panels in your home does come at a cost, the long-term money savings are much better. You’ll be able to cut costs on energy bills to the point where it’s almost like you don’t have energy bills at all. You will see returns on investment within 4 or 5 years after installation. There is certainly no such thing as it being too expensive.
  3. “Solar energy requires dropping modern conveniences.” There is some strange misconception out there that would have you believe in order to get solar energy in your home, it would require you to give up all of your modern conveniences like televisions, computers, washers, and more. Don’t worry; solar energy won’t require you to live like it is 500 years in the past. You can still have modern appliances. In fact, solar energy will actually help you think about power consumption and how to reduce your needs.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you are looking for solar energy in Medford, NJ that will give you energy-efficiency unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!